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Title: Be Prepared for the AP Calculus Exam
Author: Mark Howell, Gonzaga High School; Martha Montgomery, Fremont City Schools
Course: Calculus AB, Calculus BC
Abstract/Summary: Written by two extraordinarily gifted and knowledgeable teachers of AP Calculus, this book is much more than a test-prep book. In addition to five complete exams (three for Calculus AB and two for Calculus BC), with no repetition of questions, there are summary sections for eight topics: limits and continuity, derivatives, applications of derivatives, integration, applications of integrals, differential equations, parametric and polar functions, and series. Each review section contains problems and worksheets that test student understanding. This book can and should be used throughout the AP Calculus year.

The section on limits contains a subsection, "Relative Rates of Growth," that some textbooks ignore. The entire book is written for students who are preparing for the exam and serves as a wonderful set of notes containing the important concepts of the course. Chapter 8 discusses everything that the Calculus BC student needs to know about vector functions in two dimensions. The book covers the entire AB and BC Course Descriptions, omitting only the definition of absolute and conditional convergence in the series chapter. The authors promise that the next edition will correct this unintentional oversight.

Both authors, recently members of the AP Calculus Development Committee, made up the five practice exams aided by contributions from Benita Albert, Thomas Dick, and Joe Milliett, names very well known to the AP Calculus community. The exams are very well designed. Each exam contains functions that are defined by graphs, tables, and words as well as functions that are defined by formula. The quality of the questions is truly extraordinary for a test-prep book. The questions are very similar to the difficulty and scope of the questions encountered on the AP Examinations. The format of the practice exams in this book is exactly the format of the AP Exams. What makes this book particularly valuable is quality of the free-response questions of each exam. Free-response questions are difficult to write, and the questions that have appeared on past exams represent months of collaboration by committee members. The free-response questions given in Be Prepared for the AP Calculus Exam have been developed as carefully. These are the best free-response questions that I have seen in a test-prep book.

Teachers may access the free-response questions with solutions (1998-2004), including the Form B exams, from the Skylight Publishing Web site. This Web site serves as a link to AP Central, and you must log on to AP Central in order to view the exams and solutions. The price of the book is $17.95 for a single copy, and it is possible to order one copy. The price is reduced to $14.50 for 12 or more copies.
Publication Data: Skylight Publishing, 2005
ISBN 0-9727055-5-4
Type: Book
Cost: $17.95
Vendor Name: Skylight Publishing
Vendor Phone: (888) 476-1940
AP Specific: Yes
Link to More Info: http://www.skylit.com
Resource Includes: Homework Activities, Teaching Tips, Assessments, Test Prep Materials, Problem Sets
Reviewer Name: Judy Broadwin        
Review Last Modified: Mar 9, 2005 1:36:00 PM

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