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Title: Java Methods, 2nd ed.
Author: Maria Litvin, Phillips Academy; Gary Litvin
Course: Computer Science A
Abstract/Summary: "This textbook was written specifically for AP Computer Science, and it contains everything a teacher will need to prepare students for the AP exam&and beyond! The complete APCS A curriculum is covered in the first 14 chapters:

1 - An Introduction to Hardware, Software, and the Internet
2 - An Introduction to Software Engineering
3 - Objects and Classes
4 - Algorithms
5 - Java Syntax and Style
6 - Data Types, Variables, and Arithmetic
7 - Boolean Expressions and if-else Statements
8 - Iterative Statements: while, for, do-while and
9 - Implementing Classes and Using Objects
10 - Strings
11 - Class Hierarchies and Interfaces
12 - Arrays
13 - java.util.ArrayList
14 - Searching and Sorting

In addition, the GridWorld framework is used throughout this book, and there are chapters on file I/O, graphics, GUI elements, advanced data structures and algorithms, and design patternsmore than enough material for a subsequent course.

Most chapters include hands-on labs and case studies, and many come with an executable .jar file so students can see a functioning example of the final product. With the GUI supplied, students apply what they're learning in a given chapter, and they're rewarded with a working game or simulation. Starter code can be downloaded from http://www.skylit.com/javamethods/index.html. Included in the downloaded student files are answers to some of the end-of-chapter exercises. I like the variety of exercises that are presented in this textbook: questions in a variety of formats, hands-on computer exercises, and problems to solvemany significantly more challenging than they appear on the surface.

Resource materials for teachers include PowerPoint presentations for each chapter and solutions for all exercises and labs. An optional test package includes tests for each of the 27 chapters and is available as a school site license for $135. Of particular interest to APCS-A teachers, each test contains six free-response questions."
Publication Data: Skylight Publishing, 2011;
ISBN 978-0-9824775-7-1
Type: Textbook
Cost: $70.00
AP Specific: No
Link to Resource: http://www.skylit.com/jm.html
Reviewer Name: Renee Ciezki        
Review Last Modified: Mar 28, 2012 11:35:46 PM

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