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AP Scores Awareness Toolkit

AP students will get their scores online in July. Resources are available on Share AP to help you inform students and parents. 

AP Course Audit

The AP Course Audit is accepting submissions for new and redesigned courses that will be offered in the 2015-16 school year.

Join Us in Austin, Tex.

The AP Annual Conference is the largest professional development gathering of the AP and Pre-AP communities across the United States and throughout the world.

Davidson Next Offers Free Online AP Professional Development Modules
AP professional development materials that target challenging course topics are currently available in Calculus, Macroeconomics, and Physics 1 & 2.

New online mentoring program for U.S. History teachers
AP U.S. History teachers in FL, NC, and TX can sign up for online mentoring to develop their teaching practice. Deadline is July 27.

2015-16 Redesigned Courses
Information about the AP Art History and AP European History redesigns is now available on the course home pages on this site.

AP Physics 1 and 2 Lab Manual
AP Physics 1 and AP Physics 2 Inquiry-Based Lab Investigations is now available, featuring 16 lab investigations and additional resources.

Updated and revised courses taking effect in 2016-17
Learn more about upcoming changes to AP World History and AP Calculus.

New Resources for U.S. History
AP U.S. History teachers can now access a powerful, free system to help them develop students' analytic writing skills. Visit the AP U.S. History Professional Development page for more information.

Share AP
Build participation in your AP program with outreach materials for students and parents in English and Spanish.

The College Board Alignment to California's LCAP
The College Board is partnering with districts across California to develop Local Control and Accountability Plans (LCAPs) that will close the achievement gap and deliver opportunity to all students in the state.

Nine Teachers Leading the Technology Revolution
This report, in partnership with Phi Delta Kappa International and the National Writing Project, profiles the work of nine dedicated teachers using technology to enhance student engagement across diverse subject and content areas.

Teachers Are the Center of Education: Profiles of Eight Teachers
This new report, created in partnership with Phi Delta Kappa International, documents a day in the life of eight teachers.  Each of their stories highlights the critical importance of teachers and salutes their great work.


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