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Professional Development Research

AP Professional Development in Florida: Effects on AP Exam Participation
August 2006, 6 pages
This research note, written by two members of the College Board's Office of Research and Analysis, examines the relationship between AP teacher professional development activity and student AP Exam participation. The authors used data on public schools in Florida collected by the College Board and the Florida Department of Education.
  AP Professional Development in Florida: Effects on AP Exam Participation (.pdf/160KB)

Effective Professional Development: Findings from Research
December 2002, 12 pages
The need for effective professional development has been a well-researched topic in the past decade. Professional development days are now considered a requirement for most teachers in grades K-12. This report details the key structural and activity features that research has shown are prevalent among successful professional development programs.
  Effective Professional Development: Findings from Research (.pdf/229KB)

Summary of Evaluation Results of Advanced Placement Program® (AP®) Vertical Teams for English
September 2002, 8 pages
This research report evaluates the impact of AP Vertical Teams® on teacher effectiveness and student learning. The College Board commissioned the Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO) to evaluate the impact of AP Vertical Teams on schools' curriculum and participation in Pre-AP® and AP® programs. The evaluation examined the design, implementation, and impact of AP Vertical Teams.
  Summary of Evaluation Results of AP® Vertical Teams for English (.pdf/144KB)

Minority Student Success: The Role of Teachers in Advanced Placement Courses (Draft Final Report)
January 2002, 68 pages
This project described the characteristics and teaching behaviors of those successful teaching AP Calculus AB and English Literature and Composition to underrepresented minority students. Its purpose was to assist educators in improving the participation and performance of underrepresented minority students in AP.
  Minority Student Success: The Role of Teachers in AP Courses (Draft Final Report) (.pdf/472KB)

What Are the Characteristics of AP Teachers? An Examination of Survey Research
2002, 21 pages (3 blank pages at end of document)
In 2001, the College Board administered 1.4 million Advanced Placement Program (AP) Exams to 845,000 students. Information on test-takers collected at the time of examination provides a rich description of AP students, but what are the characteristics of their teachers? This study provides a glimpse into these characteristics by summarizing the results of the largest survey of AP teachers to date.
  What Are the Characteristics of AP Teachers? An Examination of Survey Research (.pdf/222KB)

Pacesetter® Research and Evaluation Findings
October 2001, 2 pages
A formal, in-depth evaluation of both the Pacesetter® math and English programs was undertaken by Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO). The mathematics program was evaluated in 2000-2001, and the English program was evaluated in 1997-1998. Several indicators, including student characteristics and grades, and teacher experience were used to assess the comparability of the Pacesetter and control groups.
  Pacesetter Research and Evaluation Findings (.pdf/33KB)

Evaluation of Advanced Placement Summer Institutes (Draft Final Report)
December 2000, 159 pages
This study determined the professional development and ongoing support needs of AP teachers attending 1999 summer institutes in AP Biology, Calculus AB, and U.S. History. Participating AP teachers were asked about their needs before and after the institute and again in the spring of the next school year. The purpose was to evaluate the effectiveness of summer institutes and to evaluate the need for new products and services to supplement summer institutes.
  Evaluation of Advanced Placement Summer Institutes (Draft Final Report) (.pdf/957KB)

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