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Reports and Services for Colleges

AP® score reports are provided to the college(s) designated by the student, to the student, and to the student’s secondary school and district. This page explains the paper and internet delivery options available for higher education institutions, important changes, and layout updates.

Paper Delivery

When taking an AP Exam, students designate one college to receive their AP score report on their registration answer sheet. Colleges and universities will automatically receive free paper score reports starting in July unless they choose to switch to internet delivery only.

  • Paper score reports include a Student Score Roster as well as individual Student Score Reports in the initial July score reporting.
  • Colleges and universities may continue to receive individual Student Score Reports throughout the year if a student designates them as the recipient of this data.
  • Paper delivery is via the U.S. Postal Service and delivery time frames may vary depending on your location.

Internet Delivery

Colleges can choose to participate in Internet Delivery of Scores in addition to or in lieu of paper delivery by completing the College AP Score Reporting Services Order Form, sent to each college in April.

  • Schools may elect to participate in electronic score reporting at any time in the year. However, in order to receive scores electronically in time for initial July 2017 reporting, colleges must contact AP Services no later than May 15, 2017. Requests received after May 15 will be accommodated with follow-up score reporting.
  • Colleges that do not receive this form or that wish to make a modification to their current delivery model should contact AP Services.

Internet Delivery: Format and Requirements

Internet Delivery of Scores is available free of charge in a non-delimited flat-file format (ASCII). Institutions will need to acquire or purchase the required software, either PGP Desktop Professional 2.6.2 and higher, or GnuPG 2.0 and higher. If you currently have GnuPG or PGP Desktop Professional, please make sure it is one of these supported versions that can create the 2048-bit RSA key required to receive AP score data electronically.

  • Internet delivery of scores uses an anonymous server.
  • After scores are processed, the electronic score report is placed on the server, triggering an email informing schools that data are available for download.
  • The email contains an internet address that can then be accessed to collect, save, and process the data.

Important Changes to Internet Delivery – Effective July 2016

  • The layout of the electronic score report will change in response to 2016 AP Program changes.
  • AP scores on CD will no longer be available for colleges and universities.

Failure to implement these changes may result in your college or university’s inability to load scores. Please review this guide to the changes (.pdf/618KB) and the information below with your IT/operations staff and/or student information system vendor to determine how these changes will be made prior to loading scores. A sample test file (.txt/38KB) is also available for your convenience.

Updated Layout

  1. Race and ethnicity: Beginning with the May 2016 exam administration, students will answer a two-part race and ethnicity question that allows them to select multiple races and ethnicities. To accommodate this:
    • Existing field #16 “Ethnic Group” will remain in the file to avoid shifting all subsequent fields, but will be deprecated and turned to filler.
    • New field #57 “Race/Ethnicity Student Response” will be added, containing the student responses.
    • New field #59 “Derived Aggregate Race Ethnicity” will be added, containing the federal derived aggregate reporting category.
    • Two new filler fields #58 and #60 will be added.
    • Consequently, the record length will increase from 910 characters to 950 characters.
  2. AP Research and AP Capstone awards: This year marks the launch of the new AP Capstone Research course and the inaugural reporting of AP Capstone program awards.
    • New exam code 23 will be added for Research. See the appendix of the 2016 layout file below for a full list of exam codes.
    • New award types will be added:
      • 13 – AP Capstone Diploma
      • 14 – AP Seminar and Research Certificate

The College Board has provided the resources below to help you implement these changes. Please review them with your IT/operations department and/or student information system vendor and take the necessary steps to address these changes prior to loading scores.

Score reports on CD

If you were previously signed up to receive AP scores on CD, your institution received scores on CD and related services through June 2016.

As an alternative to receiving scores on CD, you may choose to participate in Internet Delivery of Scores at any time. See above for more information. Additionally, if your institution opted to review scores on paper, you will continue to receive AP paper score reports free of charge.

View step-by-step instructions on how to format the data files on CD.

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