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Professional Development Workshops: Sciences

AP® Workshops

Course-specific workshops provide educators with the best tools and techniques for teaching AP. Participants learn concrete strategies for aligning their instruction with the goals of each course by reviewing course outlines, content-related resources, student exam samples, and scoring guidelines.

AP Biology

AP Biology: Transitioning to Inquiry-Based Labs

A Day with an AP Biology Reader

Quantitative Skills for AP Biology

AP Chemistry

AP Chemistry: Transitioning to Inquiry-Based Labs

AP Environmental Science

AP Physics 1

AP Physics 2

AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism

AP Physics C: Mechanics

AP Physics 1 and 2: Building Students’ Reasoning Skills

Strategies for Success in AP Sciences

Pre-AP® Workshops

Pre-AP workshops focus on learning specific pedagogical techniques and content-specific strategies that can be incorporated in the classroom.

Pre-AP Strategies: AP Vertical Teams in Science
Gain experience aligning science curriculum vertically across grade levels.

Pre-AP: Strategies in Science — Creating a Learner-Centered Classroom
Design and use investigations, write dynamic problems, and enhance current classroom activities that focus on inquiry-based learning.

Pre-AP Strategies in Science: Energy System
Learn to identify energy concepts that extend across all science subjects.

Pre-AP Strategies in Science: Inquiry-Based Laboratories
Learn to incorporate inquiry-based techniques in traditional lab settings.

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