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Professional Development Workshops: Mathematics

AP® Workshops

Course-specific workshops provide educators with the best tools and techniques for teaching AP. Participants learn concrete strategies for aligning their instruction with the goals of each course by reviewing course outlines, content-related resources, student exam samples, and scoring guidelines.

AP Calculus | Dates and Locations

AP Statistics | Dates and Locations

A Day with an AP Calculus Reader | Dates and Locations

Strategies for Success in AP Mathematics | Dates and Locations

Pre-AP® Workshops

Pre-AP workshops focus on learning pedagogical techniques and content-specific strategies that can be incorporated in the classroom.

Pre-AP Strategies: AP Vertical Teams for Mathematics | Dates and Locations
Gain experience aligning mathematics curriculum vertically across grade levels.

Pre-AP: Advanced Topics for Vertical Teams in Mathematics–Assessments | Dates and Locations
Learn techniques of assessment, including reliability, validity, scoring guidelines, and performance appraisals.

Pre-AP: Strategies in Mathematics–Accumulation | Dates and Locations
Examine a seamless development of accumulation concepts for grades 6 – 12 through grade-level-appropriate content, classroom strategies, and use of technology.

Pre-AP: Strategies in Mathematics–Analyzing & Describing Data | Dates and Locations
Participate in activities in which students learn to collect data, and use graphs and numerical summaries to get information from data and communicate that information.

Pre-AP: Strategies in Mathematics–Chance, Variation & Probability | Dates and Locations
Engage in activities that enable students to analyze and understand chance events, including classical probability, law of large numbers, and probability rules, distributions, and conditions.

Pre-AP: Strategies in Mathematics–Developing Algebraic Thinking | Dates and Locations
Teachers in grades 6-10 will learn techniques to help students develop algebraic reasoning, with a focus on the use of graphing calculators.

Pre-AP: Strategies in Mathematics–Functions | Dates and Locations
Develop deep content knowledge of functions and learn strategies for teaching them, including topics such as linear, quadratic, and nonlinear functions.

Pre-AP: Strategies in Mathematics–Helping Students Learn Mathematics Through Problem Solving | Dates and Locations
Learn strategies for designing and using investigations, writing dynamic problems, and enhancing classroom activities.

Pre-AP: Strategies in Mathematics–Rate | Dates and Locations
Learn how to foster student understanding of rate – through activities, classroom strategies, and diagnostic assessment.

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