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Professional Development Workshops: Interdisciplinary

AP® Workshops

Interdisciplinary AP workshops provide educators with the best tools and techniques for teaching AP.

AP Strategies: Using Data to Design Instruction

Pre-AP® Workshops

Pre-AP workshops focus on learning pedagogical techniques and content-specific strategies that can be incorporated in the classroom.

Pre-AP: Effective Thinking Strategies for All Students
Learn research-based strategies to help students activate their background knowledge, deepen comprehension, and develop academic vocabulary.

Pre-AP: Interdisciplinary Strategies – Argumentation and the Writing Process
Learn strategies to help students discover and work with the elements of argumentation.

Pre-AP Interdisciplinary Strategies for English and the Social Sciences
Learn strategies to build and strengthen students’ skills within the English and social sciences disciplines, with a focus on interdisciplinary reading, analyzing text strategies, and writing on demand.

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