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Professional Development Workshops: History and the Social Sciences

AP® Workshops

Course-specific workshops provide educators with the best tools and techniques for teaching AP. Participants learn concrete strategies for aligning their instruction with the goals of each course by reviewing course outlines, content-related resources, student exam samples, and scoring guidelines.

AP Comparative Government and Politics

AP European History

AP Human Geography

AP Economics

AP Psychology

AP U.S. Government and Politics

AP U.S. History

AP World History

Pre-AP® Workshops

Pre-AP workshops focus on learning pedagogical techniques and content-specific strategies that can be incorporated in the classroom.

Pre-AP Strategies: AP Vertical Teams in History and the Social Sciences
Align history and social sciences curriculum across grade levels by building and strengthening an AP Vertical Team.

Pre-AP Strategies in History and the Social Sciences: Crafting Historical Arguments
Learn strategies for improving students’ writing skills, focusing specifically on prewriting and structuring an argument.

Pre-AP: Strategies in Social Studies – Using Visual Materials in Middle School Classrooms
Incorporate nontext sources relevant to middle school history and geography classes into your classroom, including works of art, cartoons, quantitative data such as charts or graphs, and photographs.

Pre-AP Strategies in History and the Social Sciences
Learn strategies designed to help students interpret and analyze visual and written sources.

Pre-AP: Advanced Topics for AP Vertical Teams in Social Studies – Developing Reading Habits
Expand your social studies teaching skills with new strategies to develop your students’ ability to read critically.

Pre-AP: Strategies in Social Studies – Writing Tactics Using SOAPSTone
Learn to help students gain the skills of successful writers through the use of SOAPSTone (identifying speaker, occasion, audience, purpose, subject, and tone).

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