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Important Terms Related to Workshops and Summer Institutes

College Board-Endorsed AP® Summer Institute

Endorsed AP Summer Institutes have signed an agreement with the College Board to ensure quality and consistency among the locations. While these institutes are managed individually by staff at the hosting institution, they can only hire College Board-Endorsed Consultants as the presenter in each subject and session and must provide a copy of College Board materials to each participant. All AP Summer Institutes listed on AP Central are endorsed.

College Board-Endorsed Workshop Consultant

Endorsed workshop consultants help train both new and experienced educators, sharing their expertise and best practices with other education professionals, and must meet a number of requirements.

Endorsed Providers of AP Computer Science Principles

In order to ensure that schools, teachers, and students have additional high-quality options for implementing AP Computer Science Principles, the College Board is in the process of endorsing curriculum and professional development delivered by a limited number of organizations. In order to be an endorsed provider an organization needs to demonstrate that its curriculum and professional development are aligned to the AP Computer Science Principles course and exam. Find out more.

Pre-AP® Professional Development

The College Board offers a suite of Pre-AP professional development resources and services designed to equip all middle and high school teachers with the strategies and tools they need to ensure that all students develop the skills, habits of mind, and concepts they need to succeed in college.

The College Board does not officially endorse locally designed courses labeled “Pre-AP” and discourages using “Pre-AP” in the title of locally designed courses and listing these courses on a student’s transcript, because there is no one fixed or mandated Pre-AP curriculum that students must take to prepare for AP and other challenging coursework.

Public Workshop

Public workshops are delivered by College Board-Endorsed Workshop Consultants and registration is open to anyone interested in attending.

Private Workshop

Private workshops are delivered by College Board-Endorsed Workshop Consultants to specific customers, such as a school or district and they determine who may attend. For example, a district might sponsor a private workshop for all of its AP World History teachers only.

To schedule a private AP or Pre-AP workshop, contact your district representative or email your College Board Regional Office for further assistance.

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