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Teaching AP for the First Time?

Use this checklist of resources to learn more about course requirements and instructional support.

  • 1. Explore your course home page

    Your course home page contains all the information you need – tips, timely news about the course and exam, resources to use with your students, and more.

  • 2. Read your Course and Exam Description

    It is the core document for your subject, describing the curriculum and the exam. It also provides information about the AP® program in general. Visit the Course Descriptions page to find the course and exam description for your subject.

  • 3. Use the AP Course Audit site

    The AP Course Audit is the required authorization course process that provides teachers and administrators with guidelines and requirements for offering AP courses.

    Among the resources you might want to check out immediately are the Syllabus Development Tutorial and the four sample syllabi. You can base your class on one or more of the syllabi and you will also find a list of recommended textbooks.

  • 4. Join the AP Teacher Community

    This is a discussion board for new and experienced teachers, where members ask and answer questions, share lessons, suggest materials, and more. The AP Teacher Community is a great source of support as you launch your course and includes an extensive resource library.

  • 5. Review Exam resources

    Look at the resources on the Exam Information page where you can see past test questions, sample student responses with commentary on the grades received, scoring guidelines and rubrics, and more.

    Once your course is authorized through the Course Audit process, you will have access to one or more full practice exams, a great resource for you and your students.

  • 6. Seek out professional development

    Sign up for College Board-sponsored one-day workshops or use online PD options. Request funding to attend a weeklong AP Summer Institute.

  • 7. Access your AP Score Reports

    Learn how to access AP Score Reports to analyze your students’ exam data and measure your success.

If you have questions, talk with your school’s AP coordinator for guidance or post on the AP Teacher Community.

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