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Pre-AP for History and Social Sciences Teachers' Corner

Teaching Resource Materials
  Critical Interpretation of Images and the AP History Classroom
  Interdisciplinarity in K-16 Education
  Using Technology in the Classroom
  History, Science & Technology: Lessons from the Virtual Harlem Experience
  Interpreting Objects and Writing History

            College Board Products
  CB Store: AP Vertical Teams Guide for History and the Social Sciences

Feature Articles
  A Forum for Student Historians

Activities from Pre-AP Workshops
           AP Course Content Overview
  AP Government and Politics: A Teacher’s Perspective (.pdf/3MB) 
  Pre-AP Critical Thinking for AP Economics (.pdf/747KB) 
  Social Studies at the AP Level: A Veteran Teacher’s Perspective (.pdf/3.0MB) 

           Interdisciplinary Strategies for English and Social Studies
  Dialectical Notebooks (.pdf/123KB)

           Topics for AP Vertical Teams® in Social Studies
  Vertical Teams in Social Studies Activity (.pdf/94KB)

           Strategies in Social Studies -- Writing Tactics Using SOAPSTone
  Social Studies SOAPSTone Activity (.pdf/94KB)

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