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Pre-AP for World Languages and Cultures Teachers' Corner

Teaching Resource Materials
  Maximizing the Use of Partner-Pairs (.pdf/410KB) 
  Mastering World Language Vocabulary (.pdf/405KB) 

            College Board Products
  CB Store: AP Vertical Teams Guide for World Languages and Cultures

Feature Articles 
  Using Multiple Intelligences to Reach World Language Students (.pdf/407KB) 
  Improving Students' Writing Skills
  Pre-AP Strategies for Writing in the French Classroom
  La grammaire créative
  Pre-AP Strategies for French: Developing Good Pronunciation Habits
  Integrating Skills: Authentic Teaching Best Prepares Students for an Authentic Assessment
  Creative Ways to Teach the Subjunctive
  Poesía Odas Elementales (.pdf/12.5KB)
  Student Unit: Pre-AP Strategies for Spanish Literature
  Pre-AP Strategies for Assessment Design in Latin Courses
  Pre-AP Strategies for French Language
  Reading Preparation for AP French Language
  Why Pre-AP Strategies in Spanish?
  East Chapel Hill Meets San Ramón

Activities from Pre-AP Workshops

           Strategies in Spanish -- Literary Analysis
  Spanish Literary Analysis Activity (.pdf/100KB)


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