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Pre-AP for English Teachers' Corner

Teaching Resource Materials
  Teaching the Odyssey
  SOAPSTone: A Strategy for Reading and Writing
  Significance, Consequence, or Reason: Creating Meaningful Thesis Statements
  Dancing with Poetry
  Stand and Deliver: The Power of Performance Poetry
  Two Sides of a Coin: Pre-AP Skills and Strategies for Readers
  Grammar Web Guide
  The Language of Literary Analysis
  Teaching "Offensive" Literature
  Conferences With Student Writers

            Lesson Plans
  Lesson Plan: Creating Individual Learning Goals for Students
  Pre-AP Lesson Plan: Building a Toolbox for Rhetorical Analysis
  Connotation in Phyllis Wheatley's Poetry

            College Board Products
  CB Store: AP Vertical Teams Guide for English

Feature Articles
  Some Brief Notes on Grammar for AP Vertical Teams (.pdf/51KB)
  Ready for the AP Exam in the 8th Grade? (.pdf/426KB)
  Made for TV: Their Eyes Were Watching God
  Calling Forth Joy: A Poet's Ideas About Teaching Poetry
  The Rhetoric of Advertising
  Getting a Handle on Handbooks
  Lazy Cheaters and Other Misnomers: Part I
  Lazy Cheaters and Other Misnomers: Part II
  Meditations on The Elements of Style

Activities from Pre-AP Workshops
           Interdisciplinary Strategies for English and Social Studies
  Dialectical Notebooks (.pdf/123KB)

           Strategies in English -- Writing Tactics Using SOAPSTone
  Analyzing the Narrative (.pdf/102KB)
  More About This Workshop

           Strategies in English -- Comedy and Tragedy: Balancing the Curriculum
  The Comedy Ladder (.pdf/113KB)

           Strategies in English -- The Five-S Strategy for Passage Analysis
  Five-S Activity (.pdf/106KB)
  More About This Workshop

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