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Pre-AP for English Teachers' Corner

Teaching Resource Materials
  Teaching the Odyssey
  SOAPSTone: A Strategy for Reading and Writing
  Significance, Consequence, or Reason: Creating Meaningful Thesis Statements
  Dancing with Poetry
  Stand and Deliver: The Power of Performance Poetry
  Two Sides of a Coin: Pre-AP Skills and Strategies for Readers
  Grammar Web Guide
  The Language of Literary Analysis
  Teaching "Offensive" Literature
  Conferences With Student Writers
  AP English Language and Literature Online Events

            Lesson Plans
  Lesson Plan: Creating Individual Learning Goals for Students
  Pre-AP Lesson Plan: Building a Toolbox for Rhetorical Analysis
  Connotation in Phyllis Wheatley's Poetry

            College Board Products
  CB Store: AP Vertical Teams Guide for English

Feature Articles
  Some Brief Notes on Grammar for AP Vertical Teams (.pdf/51KB)
  Ready for the AP Exam in the 8th Grade? (.pdf/426KB)
  Made for TV: Their Eyes Were Watching God
  Calling Forth Joy: A Poet's Ideas About Teaching Poetry
  The Rhetoric of Advertising
  Getting a Handle on Handbooks
  Lazy Cheaters and Other Misnomers: Part I
  Lazy Cheaters and Other Misnomers: Part II
  Meditations on The Elements of Style

Activities from Pre-AP Workshops
           Interdisciplinary Strategies for English and Social Studies
  Dialectical Notebooks (.pdf/123KB)
  More About This Workshop

           Strategies in English -- Writing Tactics Using SOAPSTone
  Analyzing the Narrative (.pdf/102KB)
  More About This Workshop

           Strategies in English -- Comedy and Tragedy: Balancing the Curriculum
  The Comedy Ladder (.pdf/113KB)
  More About This Workshop

           Strategies in English -- The Five-S Strategy for Passage Analysis
  Five-S Activity (.pdf/106KB)
  More About This Workshop

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    Become an AP Exam Reader

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