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Pre-AP: AP Vertical Teams

"Our AP Vertical Team has provided us with a way to communicate, a way to align our expectations. We now work as a community rather than in isolation."

Monique Morton
Math and AP Calculus teacher
Woodrow Wilson Senior High School
Washington, D.C.

What is an AP Vertical Team
An AP Vertical TeamTM is a group of teachers from different grade levels in a given discipline who work cooperatively to develop and implement a vertically aligned program aimed at helping students acquire the academic skills necessary for success in the Advanced Placement Program. An AP Vertical Team necessarily includes middle school participation.

Primary Goals
  • To improve academic performance for all students in earlier grades by introducing skills and concepts needed for success in AP and other challenging courses.
  • To improve performance and participation in the Advanced Placement Program.
Major Activities
  • To identify and develop Pre-AP strategies.
  • To vertically align curriculum towards the discipline-based AP standards.
  • To assess student progress towards the discipline-based AP standards.

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