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Pre-AP: Workshops

Below are links to the Professional Development area of the College Board's web site for professionals.  Each subject area includes descriptions of AP and Pre-AP workshops.  To schedule a Pre-AP workshop in your district, call your Solutions Manager for a consultation at 800-999-9149.

  Workshops & Summer Institutes, English
  Workshops & Summer Institutes, Fine Arts
  Workshops & Summer Institutes, Mathematics and Computer Science
  Workshops & Summer Institutes, Sciences
  Workshops & Summer Institutes, Social Sciences and History
  Workshops & Summer Institutes, World Languages
  Workshops & Summer Institutes, Interdisciplinary
  Workshops & Summer Institutes, K-12 Administrators

* See this area for Setting the Cornerstones and Instructional Leadership workshops.
You may also search for a Pre-AP workshop or summer institute near you with AP Central's Institutes & Workshops search.
Institutes & Workshops

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