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George Ewonus

George Ewonus is the founding Director of the Advanced Placement Program® in Canada.

Professional experience: George began his career teaching graduate school in pharmacology at the University of British Columbia. He then began working as a classroom teacher, principal, and district staff member. In 1986, George, along with his colleagues, was responsible for bringing the AP Program into the public schools in British Columbia. Since 1989, George has had the challenge of directing the AP Program in Canada, where AP has grown from a few schools and students to a national program with more than 350 schools and 10,000 exams.

Education: George holds bachelor's degrees in psychology and physics, and a master's in medical education from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

Personal: George's hobbies include mountain biking, music, and archaeology. On the weekends he can be found searching for lost civilizations with one or more of his seven children.  
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