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AP Calculus Free-Response Question Collections

Free-response questions from past AP Calculus Exams provide a rich resource for teaching topics in the course and reviewing for the exam each year. Over the years, some topics have been added or removed, but almost all of the old questions still offer interesting opportunities to investigate concepts and assess student understanding. Always consult the most recent Course Description on AP Central for the current Topic Outline for Calculus AB and Calculus BC.

Collections of free-response questions dating back to 1989 are available for purchase and download in the College Board Store. More information can be found below.
  Calculus FRQs, 1989-1997

Free: AP Calculus FRQ Index
We have also developed a free index of free-response questions so you can more easily identify questions by function presentation, function type, general topic, and Course Description topic. This index is created as an Excel spreadsheet with the auto-filter feature. At the top of each column is a pull-down list of items with which you can filter the spreadsheet rows. The column filters combine as you set them, so if you want to only filter by one item make sure the other pull-down filters are set to "All." You can also see all rows by selectingFilter>Show All in Excel's Data Menu.
Calculus FRQ Index (.xls/270KB) New!

Note: It is easier and faster to view an Excel document if you have downloaded it first. To download the file above:
  • Click the link with the RIGHT mouse button.
  • Choose "Save Target As..." (Internet Explorer) OR "Save Link As..." (Netscape).
  • Select a folder on your computer to place the downloaded file.
  • After the file has been downloaded, double-click on it to open it in Excel.

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