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Registration, Login, and Cookies

More About Using This Site...

Why does AP Central have a registration process?
AP Central uses the registration process to gather information about you so we can personalize your online experience and make it easier to find the information you are seeking. AP Central respects your privacy. We do not sell information about our members or share it with outside parties. You can change your preferences at any time.


Why do I have to log in every time I visit the site?
You can avoid having to log in each time you visit AP Central by checking the box on the registration, login and proflie information pages that says, "Save Login Information as a Cookie." Checking this box tells the system to save a cookie on your computer to remember your e-mail address and password so you don't have to log in every time you visit. This is recommended only for your private computer, not a computer that other teachers or faculty members may use to access AP Central.


AP Central uses this process to keep track of who is registering for the site and how often they visit. This information, plus the aggregate data we generate and the number of times pages on our site are viewed, helps us better understand who is using the site and for what purpose.

Do I have to have cookies enabled to use AP Central?
Yes, you must at least have session cookies enabled to use AP Central. In order to use the "Save Login Information as a Cookie" checkbox on the registration and login pages, you must also have permanent cookies enabled. Check your Web browsers security settings to view and change your cookie settings.


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