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Exam Fees and Reductions: 2016

The fee for each AP Exam is $92. The school normally retains $9 of that fee as a rebate to help with administrative costs.

The fee for exams administered at schools outside of the United States, U.S. territories and commonwealths, and Canada, with the exception of U.S. Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DoDDS), is $122 per exam.

Fees per exam vary at authorized test centers outside the United States.

All exams must be paid for and ordered separately.

Fee Reduction
The College Board provides a $30 fee reduction for each exam taken by eligible students with financial need, depending on the student's state. For each eligible student, schools should forgo their $9 rebate.
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  Federal and State AP Exam Fee Assistance

Late Testing with Alternate Exams
There is no additional fee for using an alternate form of the exam if schools are ordering alternate exams under circumstances that are generally beyond the control of the school's administration and the students. In other instances, however, the school is billed an additional $45 per student for each exam to partially cover the cost to prepare, print, ship, and grade these exams.

Students eligible for the College Board fee reduction will not be charged the $45-per-exam late-testing fee, regardless of their reason for late testing.

Unused Exams
Schools are charged $15 for any exam that is ordered but not used.

Late Order
Schools in the U.S., U.S. territories, and Canada have a late ordering deadline of April 8, 2016. The late ordering deadline for all other schools is April 1, 2016. Orders placed after these deadlines incur a $55 late order fee per order.

Late Return
Schools are billed twice the exam fee for each exam in any shipment received at AP Services after June 1, 2016.

Late Payment
Any payments that are postmarked after June 15, 2016, will incur a $225 fee.

If students pay for, but do not take, an exam, they may request a refund from the AP Coordinator. Local school policy determines the amount of the refund. The school is charged $15 for each exam ordered but not taken. This fee does not apply when an alternate replaces a regular exam. Once a student begins an exam, the fee is not refundable.

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