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AP Physics Lab Guide

Guidance for AP Physics Teachers
The AP Physics Lab Guide is an electronic document intended to provide assistance and advice for setting up a lab component for the AP Physics B and C courses. It is NOT a set of prescribed labs, nor does it provide step-by-step procedures for students. It is a set of exercises that illustrate laboratory skills that are central to investigations in physics. The guide is written primarily for the new AP teacher who needs advice on how to incorporate lab work into the AP course, particularly when facilities and/or time are limited. The exercises cover many of the phenomena studied in the AP Physics B and Physics C courses. The lab write-ups offered in the guide discuss the motivation for and theory behind a particular exercise, describe procedures for carrying it out, and suggest ways of analyzing the data. The guide provides an introduction to data analysis and experimental procedure. There is an emphasis on graphical analysis, with some statistical analysis.

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Important Note About Lab One
Since the original publication of the guide, the error analysis discussion for Lab One was found to be confusing for some people. We have revised Lab One in order to make it clearer. The revised version is available for FREE in the box above.

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