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AP Art History Course Home Page

The AP Art History Course and Exam Description has been updated to correct an error present in the original web posting. The correct answer to sample multiple-choice question 18 is B (not C, as appeared in the original web version). The updated version now posted also clarifies how students should identify works of art in their responses to essay questions and clarifies the meaning of "context" (see the glossary). If you had already downloaded a copy of the course and exam description, please be sure to replace it with this corrected version.

Welcome, AP teachers! Here you'll find resources for teaching AP Art History, including engaging instructional materials, sample exam questions, and current course information.

Essential Course Resources

Course Planning and Pacing Guides

  • AP Art History Course Planning and Pacing Guide, Gray (.pdf/476.71KB)
    This course is taught at a private boarding and day high school where the teacher uses content-based activities to develop students' art historical thinking skills. The course begins with students analyzing modern and postmodern art followed by a chronological presentation highlighting
    theme-based comparisons.
  • AP Art History Course Planning and Pacing Guide, Nici (.pdf/537.5KB)
    This course is taught in a public suburban high school during a compressed school year where the teacher focuses on group discussion and written critical reflection. Learning is inquiry-based, with students responding to questions like, "Who decides what we see in museums?"
  • AP Art History Course Planning and Pacing Guide, Russell (.pdf/1.03MB)
    This course is taught at an independent Episcopal school where the teacher emphasizes partner and group collaboration to develop visual literacy. Activities are designed to foster in-depth understanding and to help students connect new learning with prior knowledge and skills.

Other Core Resources

AP Exam Information and Resources

AP Course Audit Information

Classroom Resources

Professional Development

Background on Course and Exam Redesign

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