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Lesson Plans for AP U.S. History

The College Board and Ohio State University
The History Teaching Institute at Ohio State University, in partnership with the College Board, has developed lesson plans for use in the AP United States History classroom. The Teaching Institute is one of several innovative programs for teachers of history sponsored by Ohio State's history department. Its mission is to work with history teachers in Ohio to develop curriculum and incorporate technology in the classroom in an effort to improve both teaching and learning. In partnership with the Columbus Public Schools and the Ohio Historical Society, the Teaching Institute directs History WORKS, a professional development project for history teachers in the Columbus school district funded by the federal Teaching American History Grant program. The Teaching Institute has created Web site reviews, lesson plans, and innovative Web pages for U.S. history and European history courses on its own Web site.
  The History Teaching Institute

The lesson plans presented here cover a range of periods and themes in the U.S. history survey. Each lesson plan includes background on the historical issue involved; a set of specific learning objectives, Web sites, and documents for students to examine; and activities that can be completed by students individually or in groups. The lesson plans ask students to interrogate primary sources, statistical data, and images to get a feel for the broader dimensions of a particular historical question. Particularly noteworthy is the plans' attention to the underlying cultural meanings that contemporary historical actors appealed to in framing their arguments. The lesson plans' extensive use of sources on other Web sites also make them an important guide to the most cutting-edge history research and teaching resources available in cyberspace.

We hope that instructors will find these lesson plans to be significant and valuable additions to their teaching of the AP U.S. History course. To access the plan of your choice simply select it from the "AP U.S. History Lesson Plans..." box.

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