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AP Course Audit Syllabus Submission for AP Computer Science A

As part of the AP Course Audit, each AP teacher must submit a syllabus outlining the course of study for the following academic year. To receive authorization to label your course "AP," your syllabus should corroborate what you and your principal attest on the AP Course Audit form. Each of the curricular requirements listed on the AP Course Audit form should be reflected in your syllabus. Your syllabus can demonstrate the inclusion of the curricular requirements in a variety of ways: through the organization of course content, the course readings, the assignments and assessments, and/or the descriptions of what the major assignments and assessments are designed to measure.

For the 2013-14 course, one of the curricular requirements is that your course teaches students to read and understand a large program consisting of several classes and interacting objects, and enables students to read and understand the current AP Computer Science Case Study posted on AP Central. The Case Study that should be referenced in your syllabus is the GridWorld case study. It has been a required part of the AP Computer Science A curriculum since the 2007–2008 academic year. Detailed assignments are not required, but how and when the case study will be used should be evident. To obtain more information about the GridWorld case study and download its narrative and code, please visit the GridWorld Case Study website at:
  GridWorld Case Study 

For examples of referencing the case study in your syllabus, please refer to the sample syllabi and samples of evidence posted on AP Central at the following link:
  AP Course Audit Resources for Computer Science Teachers 

Starting in 2014-15, the GridWorld case study will be removed from the AP Computer Science A curricular requirements and will be replaced by an updated lab requirement. For more information about this change and the steps teachers will need to take for the 2014-15 AP Course Audit authorization, visit New Computer Science A Lab Requirement for 2014-15.

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