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GridWorld Case Study

While GridWorld is no longer required, it is a useful resource and is still available here.

Please note that if you have a version watermark such as “0.96” displayed in your output window, you do NOT have the final version of the code installed. To correct this problem, download this Zip File and follow the instructions in the Installation Guide, being sure to install the current version of the jar file.
  Code (.zip/238KB)

Student Manual (Narrative and Appendixes as a Single Document)
  Student Manual (.pdf/633KB)

Narrative as individual files:
  Part 1: Observing and Experimenting with GridWorld (.pdf/211KB)
  Part 2: Bug Variations (.pdf/285KB)
  Part 3: GridWorld Classes and Interfaces (.pdf/156KB)
  Part 4: Interacting Objects (.pdf/224KB)
  Part 5: Grid Data Structures (.pdf/150KB)

Support material for GridWorld
  Installation Guide (.pdf/172KB)
  Appendixes (Quick Reference A) (.pdf/178K)
  Solutions Manual (.pdf/374KB)

GridWorld Sample Exam Questions
  GridWorld Sample Questions (.pdf/238KB)
  XBug Sample Code (.zip/3KB)
  Drop Game Sample Code (.zip/3KB)

Important Note About PDF Files

Many files on AP Central are saved in Adobe® PDF format. To download a PDF file to your computer before printing, right click and choose "Save Target As..." on a PC. On a Mac, simply hold down the button until the "Save As..." prompt appears. You will need to use the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® to view PDF files. If you don't have Acrobat Reader 6.0 or higher installed on your computer, choose the link for the Adobe Acrobat Reader below in "See also" for installation instructions.

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