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Pre-AP: Strategies in English -- Writing Tactics Using SOAPSTone

The focus of this one-day workshop is on classroom tactics that help students to analyze good writing and to apply this knowledge when creating their own texts. In this one-day workshop, both middle and high school teachers will learn activities that can benefit their students. Participants will discuss and understand the concepts underlying these activities, such as the writing process, narrative, the persuasive essay, analytical writing, and assessing student writing.

A crucial premise of all Pre-AP strategies workshops is that when teachers from all grade levels work together to introduce and reinforce a vertically aligned curriculum, students are more likely, over the years, to acquire the habits of mind and the skills of sophisticated writers.

General Topics
  • Students and the writing process
  • The narrative
  • The persuasive essay
  • Analytical writing
  • Assessing student writing
The workshop conforms to: The workshop provides:
  • A strategy for students to use in the planning and creation of their compositions
  • Skills of successful writers
  • Activities for students across grade levels
  • Activities meant to illustrate good pedagogy (various instructional approaches, including cooperative learning)
  • Explorations with discussion questions
  • Opportunities for reflection
  • Connections between one activity and another
  • Practice in assessing student writing
  • Substantial content background for teachers
Section 1: Students and the Writing Process
Section 2: The Narrative

Section 3: The Persuasive Essay

Section 4: Analytical Writing

Section 5: Assessing Student Writing

Ogden Morse is a retired English teacher and department chair, last affiliated with Joel Barlow High School in Redding, Connecticut. He served on the development committee for Pre-AP: Interdisciplinary Strategies for English and Social Studies, wrote much of it, and has since revised it for the most recent edition. He served on the development committee for The AP Vertical Teams® Guide for English. He now serves as a presenter and trainer for the workshops he helped develop.

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