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Portfolio Tips: Studio Art

Because AP Studio Art students submit a portfolio for evaluation rather than take a written exam, the most important piece of advice you can give your students is to be sure to follow the requirements outlined in the most recent Course Description.

Here are some "dos and don'ts" for students to keep in mind when preparing their portfolios:

  • Complete all three sections.
  • Remember that works from Section I (Selected Works) may also be submitted as images for either Section II (Sustained Investigation) or Section III (Range of Approaches), and that you may not submit images of the same work for both Section II and Section III.
  • Pay attention to requirements regarding size and number of works that may be submitted.
  • Submit works for the Selected Works section (2-D Design and Drawing) in the standard AP portfolio that will be sent to your school no later than the end of April.
  • Mat or mount any works on paper that you submit for Section I. Use a neutral colored matboard.
  • Use fixative on works that may smudge.
  • Cover the surface to protect the work. Use an overleaf that is fastened to one edge so that it can be lifted easily.
  • Label all images, including the dimensions and media of the original works.
  • Photograph your work well ahead of the deadline so that you will have time to reshoot if necessary.
  • Submit a detail image as well as the image of the entire work if you wish to show details such as texture.
  • Follow your AP Coordinator's instructions for labeling and packaging your Drawing or 2-D Design Selected Works section.
  • Complete your portfolio on or before the deadline set by your AP Coordinator.
  • Remember that the home address you provide on your registration answer sheet is the address where your portfolio materials will be sent (they will arrive in late summer). We cannot ship your work to a P.O. Box.
  • Keep large, high-resolution back-up files of all your work, including images of your Selected Works pieces.
  • Send ANY actual work for the 3-D Design portfolio.
  • Send three-dimensional or fragile work for Drawing or 2-D Design.
  • Send works rolled, folded, or framed for Drawing or 2-D Design.
  • Send unmounted work that can be crumpled or damaged in shipping for Drawing or 2-D Design.
  • Exceed the maximum number of works required for the Selected Works section of the Drawing or 2-D Design portfolio. (Extra works will not be evaluated.)
  • Send actual works for sections that require digital images, or send works that are larger than 18" x 24". (They will not be evaluated, and your score for that section will be based on the work remaining in that section.)
  • Submit collaborative works or group projects.
  • Submit the same work for more than one portfolio.
  • Place any information that identifies you or your school on any of the materials included in your portfolio, except where requested. Your AP Coordinator will receive instructions on how to label your works. If you have already signed your work, however, do not risk damaging it to remove a signature.

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