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AP® United States History Curriculum Framework State Alignment Guide

October 2012

The AP® United States History Curriculum Framework for the redesigned AP United States History course was released in October 2012. This document defines the learning objectives, skills, and content required for the course. The redesigned course will be taught in schools starting in fall 2014, with the revised AP U.S. History Exam first being administered in May 2015.

The redesigned course gives AP teachers the same flexibility in teaching significant course content enjoyed by U.S. History survey course instructors at the college level. To this end, the curriculum framework presents required course content conceptually, allowing teachers the freedom to present that content in a variety of ways. (Some suggestions for specific historical examples that teachers might explore with students are included in the "gray boxes" of the curriculum framework.)

Many AP teachers have asked the College Board for guidance on how to handle the relationship between state-required content and the more flexible approach of the redesigned AP course. The State Alignment Guide that follows is meant to illustrate how teachers can approach some or all of the content that state standards mandate for the U.S. History course. State standards vary widely in their detail and specificity, and often prescribe key themes and skills for the course that might or might not be the same as those that will be assessed on the AP Exam. The State Alignment Guide therefore presents suggestions by leading educators and AP teachers regarding how to address required state content while still preserving the emphasis on depth and inquiry that are the hallmarks of the redesigned AP U.S. History course.

The states chosen for these alignment guides represent six of the largest states within the different regions served by the College Board. Educators in other states are encouraged to create their own alignment guides based on their state standards.

California Connecticut Florida Illinois New York Texas


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