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Exams: 2008 Studio Art 2-D Design: Concentration -- Jordan Harmon

Plano West Senior High School
Plano, TX
Score: 6

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Student Commentary:
What is the central idea of your concentration?

The initial idea for my concentration was movement. The movement of people, things, and objects really inspired my style this year. It allowed me to be more creative and more intricate. Bicycles, cars, and other modes of transportation kept appearing in my artwork as the year progressed. The thought of creating artwork that was not only visually moving but actually based on moving objects intrigued me.

How does the work in your concentration demonstrate the exploration of your idea? You may refer to specific slides as examples.
As the year advanced so did my concentration, I drifted away from the broad idea of transportation and really began to focus on just bicycles. I enjoyed taking a common everyday object and breaking it apart to create very interesting artwork. Each part of the bicycle became and artwork in [itself]. So, with each new piece came a new interpretation of a different part of the bicycle. I then added the human figure along with the bicycle to give a more unique outlook on my concentration. The bicycle to me was kind of a symbol for the fast pace[d] society we live in and how everyone is always doing something or going somewhere. My artwork this year reflects the movement of people and ideas.

Rationale for Score:
This portfolio demonstrates unmistakable clarity between the idea and the works. The student confidently expresses a range of design principles and technical skill. The works exemplify the principles of proportion and scale in image 11, rhythm and repetition in image 6, and figure-ground relationship in image 3. Merging ordinary subject matter and original vision, these works reflect creative problem-solving and verve.

* Important Note:
The numbers of the slides run from top left to bottom right.

1. 18" x 12" digital image
2. 16" x 12" mixed media
3. 8" x 6" charcoal
4. 6" x 18" digital photograph
5. 14" x 11" photograph
6. 14" x 11" marker
7. 12" x 18" photograph
8. 16" x 12" colored pencil
9. 18" x 12" digital photograph
10. 14" x 16" mixed media
11. 18" x 12" photograph
12. 18" x 12" digital image

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