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Exams: 2006 Studio Art Drawing: Concentration -- Mary Sofia Norell

Albert Einstein Senior High School
Kensington, MD

Student Work
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Student Commentary:

What was your initial idea?
Originally I chose to portray contained objects that repeated simple shapes and allowed me to focus on unconventional color schemes. I enlarged simplistic conventional objects to create a dramatic or larger-than-life effect.

How did your idea grow and develop as you worked? You may refer to specific slides as examples.
I began by portraying simple grocery objects from a common perspective and grew to vary between cool and warm palettes to give the common objects a mood and personality. Soon I began to enlarge the scope of my paintings to create more imposing images. By working in a near-constant medium I became confident and comfortable with my color explorations. I started to work with more emotionally connected objects such as rocking-horses, which are connected to human experiences.
Rationale for Score:

In this concentration a broad range of concepts is linked through a common visual language.

Repetition of shape is used to unify the compositions.

Color temperature is used to communicate a convincing illusion of light and volume.

A rich painterly surface is used to articulate the planes of the objects.

Technique is excellent.

This work is executed with confidence and verve.

* Important Note:
The numbers of the slides run from top left to bottom right.

1. 55” x 42” acrylic on canvas
 2. 60” x 65” acrylic on canvas
  3. 7” x 10” acrylic and collage
  4. 40” x 30” acrylic on canvas
  5. 55” x 40” acrylic on canvas
  6. 25” x 20” acrylic on board
  7. 20” x 14” acrylic on board
  8. 9” x 12” acrylic
  9. 12” x 18.5” acrylic
10. 18” x 24” oil painting
11. 60” x 55” acrylic and collage
12. 24” x 18” acrylic

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