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Exams: 2006 Studio Art 2-D Design: Concentration -- Lindsay Schmidt

Penn High School
Mishawaka, IN

Student Work
Click an image to view a larger version.

Student Commentary:

What was your initial idea?In the initial stages of my concentration, I intended to incorporate nature and city life into my twelve pieces. However, after I finished my first two pieces that included a butterfly as well as street signs, I was intrigued by the idea of using only street signs for my concentration. After I decided on the idea of using street signs and messages given through those signs, I searched my town and photographed interesting and everyday signs to use for my pieces.
How did your idea grow and develop as you worked? You may refer to specific slides as examples.
While I was working on my first two pieces, [slides] 7 and 9, my intent was to use my butterfly photographs and street signs and combine them into an interesting composition. However, while working with [slide] 12, I found that the railroad sign by itself was more powerful than adding another image to the composition. From there, I sought out more street signs that appealed to me and photographed them for use in my other projects. I explored the different filters and layering techniques on Photoshop, and while working with my later projects, such as [slides] 2, 4, and 5, I investigated the different options available to me on the computer and attempted to create intriguing compositions that were full of color and shape as well as the signs and messages found while driving down the road. 

Rationale for Score:
  • A broad range of concepts is linked through a common visual language.
  • The student uses the medium in purposeful ways that go beyond mere special effects.
  • High-quality photographs were taken and were used to support high-quality final designs.
  • The manipulation and layering of each image is ambitious.

There is an overall sense of playfulness in this concentration that is achieved through improvisation.

 * Important Note:
The numbers of the slides run from top left to bottom right.

1. 5” x 9” digital
2. 4” x 10” digital
3. 7” x 8” digital
4. 4” x 10” digital
5. 5” x 10” digital
6. 10” x 7” digital
7. 5” x 10” digital
8. 10” x 7” digital
9. 5” x 9” digital
10. 9” x 7” digital
11. 6” x 10” digital
12. 6” x 10” digital

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