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AP CS C++ Classes

The following commented header files and implementations for the AP CS classes are available for use in AP courses. Please read about use of the classes in other situations (in "See also," below), which is permitted under certain conditions.
apqueue.h and apqueue.cpp
apstack.h and apstack.cpp
apstring.h and apstring.cpp
apvector.h and apvector.cpp
apmatrix.h and apmatrix.cpp

A list of updates to AP CS C++ Classes can be found in "See also," below.

Some compilers do not include the type bool as a built in type. A header file bool.h is available for use with these compilers. For these compilers, the #include for this file will need to be uncommented, e.g., it appears as a comment. (// #include "bool.h")

For both the multiple-choice and free-response sections of the examinations, an appendix (in "See also," below) containing both the case study and a quick reference to the AP C++ classes will be provided.

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