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Victoria, Queen of England

by Jack Stovel
Castilleja School
Palo Alto, California

r. 1837-1901
As you would expect of a woman who loaned her name to an era, there is no end of information on the Internet about Victoria. The British school site, Spartacus, has a clear biography of Victoria, with links. Another biography is at the British royal site. More complete is the attractive PBS site, which has illustrated essays about Victoria and her reign in the PBS style. The highly regarded Victorian Web has plenty of information about Victoria and her times. In addition to a brief biography of Victoria, there are articles on British politics during the nineteenth century. The BBC's Web site has the standard biography of Victoria, with links to related articles about British politics and English nineteenth-century life. Some American Anglophiles created Britannia.com, which aspires to accuracy and objectivity. Royalty.nu has a lighter treatment.

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