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Catherine de Medici

by Jack Stovel
Castilleja School
Palo Alto, California

r. 1547-1589
A good place to begin learning about Catherine de Medici and the French Wars of Religion is on the site aimed at British A-level students, historylearningsite.co.uk. British A levels are roughly equivalent to AP Exams in the United States. The Open Door Web site, by teachers for teachers, has a basic article about Catherine. The Catholic Encyclopedia entry about Catherine discusses her life. About.com has several articles with links to others about Catherine and her role in turbulent sixteenth-century France. Students might like to consult Wikipedia for information on Catherine as well. Its article on Catherine is linked, in Wikipedia fashion, to other articles relating to Catherine. (The caveat about using Wikipedia in the Queen Isabella I of Spain listing should be repeated to students.) Once again, by looking at all these sites, students will get a good idea of Catherine de Medici's aggressive style of exercising power.

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