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Kinematics: Motion in One Dimension

Each of the demonstrations includes a picture, description, suggestion of use, equipment needed, and the approximate setup time.
  Constant Velocity: Galileo's Experiment
  Air Track - Constant Velocity and Uniform Acceleration
  Dynamics Track: Acceleration of Gravity
  Free Fall with Motion Sensor
  Finding Terminal Velocity Using Coffee Filters

Laboratory Experiments
Each lab is given with objectives, materials, background theory, analysis, and questions.
  Instantaneous Velocity and Calculation of Earth's Acceleration of Gravity
  I Am a Fan of Acceleration
  What's My Motion

Lecture Notes and Tutorials
These notes from the PhysicsLAB by Catherine H. Colwell contain detailed explanations of background material, annotated diagrams and illustrations, and solved examples.
  Position-Time Graphs for Uniform Velocity
  Velocity-Time Graphs

Motion in a Straight Line
These notes from Frank Wolfs at the University of Rochester contain calculus-level, detailed explanations of background material, annotated diagrams and illustrations, and solved examples.
  Motion in a Straight Line

Physics Simulation Library
Each simulation includes an audio introduction and general directions. These simulations are very well designed, and each experiment gives the opportunity to change the parameters, collect data, and interpret various graphs. The following simulations are included: One-Dimensional Constant Acceleration, Constant Velocity Versus Constant Acceleration, Freefall, and Stopping Distance of a Car.
  Physics Simulation Library

Apply the Brakes
This applet shows position-time and velocity-time graphs of an object decelerating.
  Apply the Brakes

1 Dimensional Kinematics
Kinematics in One-Dimension Problem Set from the University of Oregon This set contains 23 problems with hints and detailed solutions.
  1 Dimensional Kinematics

Equations of Motion I
This site from the Science Education Centre contains one set of 10 interactive problems with immediate solution feedback.
  Equations of Motion I

Interactive Physics Problem Set
This site from the University of California at Berkeley has two sections with 11 problems including step-by-step solutions.
  The Interactive Physics Problem Set

Multimedia Physics Studio
A set of 13 multimedia animations on the motion of cars and rockets illustrates the physics of position, velocity, and acceleration and provides a graphical analysis of motion. Each animation includes a brief tutorial and interactive exercises.
  Multimedia Physics Studio

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