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Properties of Traveling Waves

by Dolores Gende
Parish Episcopal School
Dallas, Texas

Each of the demonstrations includes a picture, description, suggestion of use, equipment needed, and the approximate setup time.
  Transverse Waves
  Traveling Waves
  Shive Wave Machine: Traveling Waves
  Sound Waves: Speaker and Candle
  Beats and Resonance

Lab Experiments
Speed of Sound in a Solid
This lab includes objectives, materials, background theory, analysis, and questions.
  Speed of Sound in a Solid

Lecture Notes and Tutorials
Notes from PhysicsLAB by Catherine H. Colwell
These notes contain detailed explanations of background material, annotated diagrams and illustrations, and solved examples.
  Wave Fundamentals
  Ripple Tank Wave Phenomena
  Sound Waves

Physics Simulation Library
Each simulation includes an audio introduction and general directions. These simulations are very well designed, and each experiment gives the opportunity to change the parameters, collect data, and interpret various graphs. The simulations include traveling waves, constructive and destructive interference, ripple tank interference, and beats.
  Physics Simulation Library

Wave Simulations
Each of these applets explores transverse and longitudinal wave properties:
  Transverse Waves
  Transverse Wave with Reference Circle
  Transverse Wave -- Reflection and Transmission
  Longitudinal Waves
  Interference in a Ripple Tank

Molecular Expressions from Florida State University: Basic Electromagnetic Wave Properties
This site includes detailed explanations with excellent interactive simulations.
  Basic Electromagnetic Wave Properties

Waves, Sound and Light
A set of 17 multimedia animations of a variety of wave phenomena illustrate basic wave principles and patterns. Each animation includes a brief tutorial and interactive exercises.
  Waves, Sound and Light

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