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Lesson Plans for AP European History

The following AP European History lesson plans are the result of a collaboration between the College Board and the History Teaching Institute, which is affiliated with the Goldberg Program for Excellence in Teaching in the Department of History at Ohio State University. Each plan focuses on how to address a European history topic effectively through take-home and in-class activities, and provides a thorough guide to relevant Web sites, background readings, and primary sources. The lesson plans have been designed to meet the needs of the AP European History course, particularly in their coverage of difficult-to-teach topics and current historical scholarship.
  History Teaching Institute

The Lesson Plans
  Windows of the Past: Dutch Painting and the Golden Age
  Early Modern Empires
  Early Modern Governments: Absolutism Versus English Constitutionalism
  The French Revolution
  The Structures of Nineteenth-Century Government
  German Unification
  The Russian Revolution
  The Cold War
  German Reunification, 1989-90

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