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NCSSM Statistics Leadership Institute 2000
One of the resources created at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM) during the summer of 2000 is a student activity on sampling called "The River Problem." This activity explores convenience sampling, simple random sampling, and stratified sampling.
  NCSSM Statistics Leadership Institute 2000

The First Measured Century
Three activities from the PBS Web site The First Measured Century are useful in illustrating the principles of sampling:
"The History and Use of Sampling Methods"
This activity requires the use of the PBS video, "The First Measured Century."

"Polling: Choosing Samples"
Students will be led through four methods for obtaining representative samples.

"Polling: Exit Polls"
This activity enables students to study results from three exit polls conducted during the 2000 Republican primary elections to learn how exit polls are conducted and how they are used to predict election winners.
The Exploring Data Web site contains an activity entitled JellyBlubbers (don't let the name scare you -- this is one you'll want to check out!). This activity provides an introduction to simple random sampling and explores the effects of sample size on results. The worksheet may be useful for hypothesis testing as well. If you are familiar with and like 'Random Rectangles,' you'll love JellyBlubbers.

Cast Your Vote!
This Annenberg/CPB site is designed to help students interpret poll results more accurately. Students are led through a polling simulation, and then given results for interpretation. The site also provides a springboard for a discussion on margin of error and confidence.
  Cast Your Vote!

STATS: STeve's Attempt to Teach Statistics
Steve Simon's site is a compilation of the handouts he uses as a statistical consultant. It includes "Ask Dr. Mean" where you can submit questions to the good doctor. The site also contains case studies, a guide to reading journal articles, and a guide to planning a research study. Emphasis is on medical statistics.
  STATS: STeve's Attempt to Teach Statistics

Harris Interactive
Best known for The Harris Poll ®, the Web site for the "worldwide market research and consulting firm" provides links to results from Harris Polls.
  Harris Interactive

The Pulse
This site bills itself as "a consumer's guide to public opinion data on the Web." The guide is comprised of three sections: Take the Pulse, providing analyses of polling on single issues; Go to the Issues, with links to sites with data on specific issues; and Forage for Data, a collection of links to other sites with polling data.
  The Pulse

The Gallup Organization
Gallup conducts polls on issues pertinent to the private sector. The site provides links to results from numerous Gallup polls. The FAQ link provides a description on how polls are conducted by the Gallup Organization.
  The Gallup Organization
  The Gallup Organization -- FAQ

The National Opinion Research Center (NORC)
Based at the University of Chicago, NORC is best known for the national studies they conduct. This site presents results from several NORC projects.
  The National Opinion Research Center (NORC)

The National Council on Public Polls (NCPP)
NCPP, an association of polling organizations, provides information for conducting polls and interpreting results. The main NCPP link provides links to critiques of polling results (follow the press releases link). The NCPP: Questions link provides a list of "20 Questions a Journalist Should Ask About Poll Results."
  The National Council on Public Polls

Center Watch
A resource site for clinical trials, you can use Center Watch to find information about clinical research. The site includes listings of more than 41,000 active industry and government-sponsored clinical trials, including results recently approved by the FDA.
  Center Watch

UCLA Statistics Case Studies
This site is a continually updated list of case studies from various sources.
  UCLA Statistics Case Studies

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