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Developments in AP Biology

Developments in AP Biology
Over the past three years, the College Board has worked closely with biology educators from colleges, universities, and secondary schools to review the AP Biology curriculum in order to ensure that the course and exam continue to represent the highest standards in teaching and learning, while providing greater flexibility and support for teachers seeking to deepen their students' conceptual understanding.

The revised AP Biology curriculum is in the final stages of review. The College Board recognizes that AP Biology teachers will want as much time as possible to prepare to implement these changes. Hence, this draft version has been made available to all AP Biology teachers so that they can begin to become acquainted with the revised learning objectives while the plans for implementation are being finalized. The upcoming changes to AP Biology are exciting because they support what many great science teachers are already doing: cultivating students' understanding of key concepts and development of critical inquiry skills, by focusing on appropriate content examples that best support the desired learning outcomes.

The soonest these changes will be fully implemented is during the 2012-2013 academic year, with the accompanying exam being administered in May 2013. This draft version of the curriculum is being provided to teachers to inform your thinking about how these changes could be integrated in your classroom. Please note that this draft has not yet been edited and will undergo further revisions before being finalized this fall.

In early 2010, the College Board will release the revised AP Biology curriculum in its final form and announce the official implementation timeline. In support of teachers' efforts to deliver the revised AP Biology curriculum in their classrooms, the College Board is preparing a number of resources, ranging from the incremental release of revised laboratory experiences, to face-to-face and online opportunities for professional development, and a full practice exam. The schedule for the release of these resources will be shared when the final version of the revised AP Biology curriculum is made available. More information on how and when the revised curriculum will impact the AP Biology Exam will also be announced at that time.

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