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Web Guide for AP World History

Prepared by Marc Jason Gilbert, North Georgia College and State University; and Peggy McKee, Castilleja School; with support of the World History Center, Patrick Manning, Director.

Web Guide Overview

This guide offers teachers and students a way to begin to explore the enormous amount of material on the World Wide Web relevant to world history. Of the nearly 500 sites listed in this guide, most focus directly on world history topics. A smaller number, while not expressly world history sites, do take a world history perspective. All of them offer materials useful to the AP World History curriculum. Please be aware that most of the information is dated and refers back to an earlier version of the AP® World History Curriculum.

Because the Web offers a rich, but disorganized, array of historical materials, it will be up to teachers and students to locate the connections, parallels, and contradictions among the materials. They can then use their interpretive judgments of these materials to develop their own coherent interpretations of the global past.

Introducing Students to History on the Web
The Web Guide begins with section I. The Great Exchange -- Atlantic Slave Trade Assignment. This assignment, where students will investigate the slave trade and its effects, will serve as a useful introduction to using the resources available on the Internet. The remainder of the Web Guide has been separated into sections by time period, with each time period further divided into relevant topics. For example, the Foundations section provides links to helpful and interesting sites on topics such as the basic features of world geography; economic systems; crises in the third and fourth centuries; the collapse of empires; and key cultural and social systems.
  • I. The Great Exchange
  • II. Foundations: to 1000 CE
  • III. AP Themes: 1000-1450
  • IV. AP Themes: 1450-1750
  • V. AP Themes: 1750-1914
  • VI. AP Themes: 1914-Present
World History Meta Sites
A number of meta-sites exist that contain many links and cross-references on trade, migrations, religion, gender issues, state structures, continuity and change, comparisons between empires, and the like. In particular, the following are clearly laid out and easy to navigate to find the information or images required:

  University of Calgary: The Applied History Research Group: Multimedia History Tutorials
  North Park University History Department/The Web Chronology Project
  Fordham University: Internet History Sourcebooks Project
  Brooklyn College Core Web Pages: Core 9: Chinese Culture

Organizations That Support the Teaching of World History
The following organizations have Web sites that may be of general interest to scholars of world history:

  World History Association
  American Historical Association
  National Council for Social Studies
  National Center for History in the Schools

The Teachers' Corner contains links to suggested Web sites. The College Board neither endorses, controls the content of, nor reviews the external Web sites included here. Please note that following links to external Web sites will open a new browser window. If you discover a link that does not work, please let us know by sending an e-mail to apctechsupport@collegeboard.org.

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