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AP Biology

Prepare online for the AP Biology course redesign.

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New Introduction to AP Biology:
Learn about the redesigned AP Biology course and curriculum framework and explore tools for syllabus development.

AP Biology: Transitioning to Inquiry-Based Labs:
Gain an understanding of inquiry, inquiry models and levels, and their place in the classroom.

Each course: six hour seat time and CEU credit eligible

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The AP Biology redesign represents a major shift in the way biology is taught in AP classes: a new focus on critical thinking, college-level learning and inquiry-based labs. To help teachers confidently make the transition, the Advanced Placement Program® is introducing a series of online professional development courses.

Essential knowledge. Science practices. Inquiry-based labs.

Teachers can save time on their preparation and reinforce what they already know with online courses, which offer:

  • Alignment with the AP Biology Curriculum Framework and AP Course Audit
  • Engaging video-based instruction
  • Workshop formats backed by classroom modeling
  • Supporting resources available for later use
  • 24/7 accessibility — log in when convenient and complete at your own pace
  • IACET CEU credit (learn more about IACET)

Learn more in this introductory video.

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Benefits for Teachers

AP teachers will need to make changes to existing lesson plans and labs to prepare for the AP Biology course and exam redesign. AP online professional development courses cover a broad range of instructional and classroom strategies, and offer insight into the new curriculum framework and the redesigned AP Exam.

Comprehensive courses aligned with the redesign

  • Best-in-class instructional strategies leveraging media-rich classroom and lab videos
  • High-quality video workshops that closely mirror face-to-face training

Anytime access

  • Convenient, 24/7 availability
  • Self-paced instruction that teachers can return to for review and reinforcement

AP developed

Content developed by AP staff, subject matter experts and AP teachers.

Teachers who have attended AP Summer Institutes will also benefit from the opportunity for ongoing review.

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Benefits for Institutions

Reduce Training Costs

AP online professional development provides an affordable way to help prepare your AP Biology teachers for the AP Biology redesign. Teachers have immediate, 24/7 access to best-in-class instructional strategies, without the travel-related expenses.

Avoid Classroom Disruption

The courses can be accessed anywhere and teachers work at their own pace, using built-in tools that track progress.

Provide Ongoing Professional Development

The courses provide teachers with a powerful tool to quickly prepare for the redesign and return as needed to review content. Even those who have attended AP Summer Institutes will benefit from the opportunity to reinforce learnings through access to self-paced online courses.

Take Advantage of AP Developed Materials

The content in this powerful, e-learning platform has been designed by AP staff, teachers and subject matter experts.

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Course Information

The Advanced Placement Program is introducing online professional development courses aligned with key areas of the AP Biology course redesign.

Sign up now and see how these comprehensive courses provide a powerful, ongoing resource to help you transition your AP Biology classes.


AP Biology: Transitioning to Inquiry-Based Labs $150

Inquiry-based labs allow students to engage in science practices that require them to think and act like scientists. This course provides AP Biology teachers with a means to understand inquiry and its place in the classroom, including models of inquiry and inquiry levels. Participants will analyze how traditional labs differ from inquiry-based labs and understand how to modify these labs to make them inquiry-based. In addition, participants will have an opportunity to plan how they will transition their curricula to focus on inquiry. Participants will finish this course with the ability to confidently create inquiry-based labs that they can immediately use in their classrooms.

Course Outline

  • Unit 1: Laying the Foundation
  • Unit 2: What is Inquiry?
  • Unit 3: Modifying Traditional Labs
  • Unit 4: Enriching Inquiry Based Labs with Complexity
  • Unit 5: Implementing Inquiry-Based Labs

Course syllabus PDF for AP Biology: Transitioning to Inquiry-Based Labs

Introduction to AP Biology $150

This course provides AP Biology teachers with insight into the changes within the redesigned AP Biology course and concrete strategies for designing and implementing an effective curriculum. Participants will explore the AP Biology curriculum framework, summative and formative assessments, inquiry-based teaching practices, practice exams, and tools available for syllabus development. Participants will finish the course with the ability to confidently create a syllabus for the 2012/2013 school year that incorporates the curriculum framework and inquiry-based teaching practices.

Course Outline

  • Unit 1: Introduction
  • Unit 2: Introducing the Curriculum Framework
  • Unit 3: Understanding the AP Biology Exam
  • Unit 4: Inquiry-Based Instruction
  • Unit 5: Syllabus Development and Course Conclusion

Course syllabus PDF for Introduction to AP Biology

Additional courses will be available in the coming months.

Additional Professional Development Opportunities

Consider in-person AP Summer Institutes and one-day workshops. For additional information and to register, see AP Central®.

Visit the AP Biology home page on AP Central to learn more about the AP Chemistry course redesign.